Hold your horses! The rebranding we did for Net4kids will be online soon.

Kingsmen Subsea

The best salvage experts in the world, with over 35 years of experience, came to us asking if we wanted to help them with their newly established company. Among other things we developed their new name: Kingsmen Subsea.

Royal Conservatory


Our work for the Royal Conservatory The Hague will be online soon.
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Listed will become thé Dutch specialist in the field of overnight stays in the most special accommodations. We developed a strong brand, with a strong name, and are working on an amazing inspirational platform. 


Broodje Ben

Our new work for Broodje Ben (the tastiest sandwiches in the world) is coming soon!


In 2014 Visualfabriq was born. Two guys started this Fintech company to improve the Revenue Growth Management for CPG companies dramatically. We positioned Visualfabriq as the ‘Rebel with a cause’. From 2014 till now.


Trusted Analytics

How can you be sure the data you use are reliable? How can you be sure your analytics are correct? With KPMG you can. We developed these commercials for KPMG The Netherlands. Several other countries ‘bought’ the series.


For Fairphone, we developed and produced the campaign ‘This is not a phone’ within 3 weeks, which ran via social media in 4 countries.
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We have been working for ComplianceWise since the start. The identity, the brand strategy, the brand and product communication, we did it all. Now that ComplianceWise has become a scale up it was time for a rebranding, new pay off, new website. A new everything actually. 

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Cyber Security

Creating fear, uncertainty and doubt is the usual way to communicate about cyber security. But not at KPMG  We developed a campaign with a more relaxed approach on cyber security and cyber risks.
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Two opticiens became one: Eye Wish Opticiens  and Het Huis. We wrote the repositioning, developed the re-branding and the new communication style (including pay off: Meer oog voor jou), and of course we made several TV-commercials.​​​​ ​​​​​​​


In 2019 we started repositioning the Heltiq, brand. Maternity care and warts are the first two products for which we are campaigning, fitting the new positioning.



Voor Godiva, een exclusief chocolademerk, bedachten en produceerden we een mini-doc. We stelden ons de vraag: wat gebeurt er met je hersenen als je chocola eet?


Create a concept, a photography style, a corporate identity, a website, social content and an opening campaign for our new restaurant Tsar. Oke!

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Go Wheely

GoWheely is the world’s first stroller leasing service. How genius! We helped them with a solid brand identity that could be used for years to come. And a platform completely suited to the target group: young parents.

Filling Pieces

For Filling Pieces we created a new global positioning. Through deep interviews with important stakeholders at Filling Pieces, chats with ‘lovers’ and ‘haters’ of the brand.

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For NHA we developed three eye-catching commercials with a tiny budget.

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Our evergreen commercial, Grolsch, with the original music by Billy Paul, me and mrs Jones.


Fietsie.nl is a webshop for balance and children’s bicycles. We were happy to develop the overall brand- and identity for this fun club of bike enthusiasts.
Amstel Watches

Amstel Watches

‘Im looking for a proper name and a striking identity for my luxury watch brand and webshop, can you please help?’ Amstel Watches was born. 

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NRC Handelsblad

NRC Handelsblad gave away the latest iPhone with a subscription to the newspaper. We developed a series of TV commercials that resulted in significant conversion.
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If you have a question, you can go to goeievraag.nl for the answer. Startpagina (yes it’s still alive) asked us to create a campaign in which we inspire people to ask their own questions.


Blokker asked: how can we tilt the sentiment? We gave strategic advice.